Donate your old hearing aids to good causes At Imperial Hearing, we want to support those people who have no access to assistance for their hearing loss around the world. Do you have hearing aids that you no longer use? Please donate any old, damaged or unwanted hearing aids to Imperial Hearing and we will pass them onto relevant charitable projects around the world. The Imperial Hearing’s charitable scheme ensures that any unwanted hearing aids donated to our centres will be passed on to hard-of-hearing individuals who are in need and who have limited financial resources. It has been estimated by the World Health Organisation that 278 million people around the world have moderate to profound hearing loss and the current production of hearing aids is estimated to meet less than 10% of global need. Therefore this results in there being a huge number of people around the world who cannot afford either hearing loss prevention measures or hearing systems. How to donate All types of hearing aid, whatever the condition can be donated. Simply bring your hearing devices to any of Imperial Hearing’s centres and leave them at one of the collection points. Disposing of your used batteries Not only do Imperial Hearing collect used hearing aids, we will also take in your used batteries and dispose of the responsibly. Pop them in to any of our clinics and we’ll do the rest.
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