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New Year, New Hear! Now is the time to take the first step.

This past year has highlighted the importance of taking care of our bodies, and that includes our hearing. Hearing aids can make everyday conversations easier, especially with the continued use of face masks in public spaces.

If you're considering a hearing aid, our team of expert audiologists are here to help you find the right solution for your needs, starting with a hearing test. Don't let hearing difficulties hold you back any longer. Make the commitment to better hearing today.

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Know the Signs

It’s a daunting prospect, losing your hearing. Sometimes you notice it’s not quite what it used to be or perhaps you notice others asking you to repeat yourselves. Nonetheless, hearing loss can be a challenging time for you and your loved ones around you. It’s so important that when you notice symptoms of hearing loss that you seek treatment.

  • Do you turn up the TV louder than your family wants it?
  • Do you find it hard to follow conversations in pubs and restaurants?
  • Do you struggle to hear on the phone?
  • Do you often ask people to repeat what they say?
  • Does your partner complain that you don’t listen to them?
  • Do you find others mumble?

            Imagine being able to hear everything you’ve been missing            

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Your Optimised Hearing Pathway

As a leading independent hearing care team, we are able to provide a complete hearing care service personalised just for you.

Our professional audiologists offer hearing tests and tinnitus consultations and will guide you through a journey to provide you with the right hearing solutions tailored and programmed uniquely for you.

Our six-point promise gives you peace of mind and ensures you are fully informed and involved in any decision that is made.

We will:

  • Check your ears are healthy through our rigorous testing procedure
  • Discuss with you your individual hearing needs
  • Explain our findings clearly
  • Answer all your questions
  • Only recommend hearing instruments if you need them
  • Make sure any recommendation is right for you.

100% guarantee

Making big decisions about health and finances requires careful consideration therefore, we offer you a cast iron guarantee – 100% satisfaction or your money back.

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A Word From Our Happy Customers


"We just wanted to thank Aaron for his time and patience this morning, he is so thoughtful and absolutely amazing with Gracie-jean (age 6). She loves coming into see him (unlike our ENT appointments!) and always leaves feeling so happy and confident in herself, something that certainly wasn’t there before coming to Imperial Hearing.

We are very grateful for everything you do, always so professional, friendly and relaxed. Grateful if you would pass our thanks on."
Nikki and Gracie-Jean, Imperial Hearing patient
"I am very impressed with Imperial Hearing. Late last night I has asked if they could replace a grommet I had lost on one of my hearing aids, and I had a reply that night saying that they could. This morning Tim opened up the shop in Poundbury especially for me, and successfully replaced it. He even checked the microphones in my hearing aids and my ears as well. Fantastic service from both Tim, and of course the effervescent Cheryl Green, thank you both!"
Paul Scott, Poundbury customer
"Highly recommended- professional, thorough and efficient. Hearing restored! Thank you so much Craig"
Victoria - Bristol Patient
"This is just a quick note to say how much I appreciate your care and attention to finding the best possible hearing aids for my needs.

I was most impressed by your readiness to offer demonstration units from different manufacturers, and to allow me a realistic time to assess each of them. The end result, apart from confidence that I have found the best solution for me, is a dramatic improvement in my general hearing, and I have been amazed at how this has helped me to improve my interaction with other people. I now realise that the slow deterioration in my hearing performance had been severely impeding my ability to communicate, and your assistance in rectifying this is very much appreciated,

Many, many thanks!"

Testimonial relating to the service received by Heather and the team at Clarity Hearing, part of the Imperial Hearing Group.
Steve Hunt, Clarity Hearing Customer