“For the first time I really am hearing normally again”

Brian from Bristol has been suffering from hearing loss for around 25 years and was due to get some replacement hearing aids as his were no longer adequate for his declining hearing. He was unhappy with the type of hearing aids he had previously been using and so his GP recommended a visit to Imperial Hearing. Brian attended one of Imperial Hearing’s ‘Hear Here’ events which gave him an opportunity to talk to leading manufacturers and to see and experience the different hearing aids on the market. Simon Wendland, director and audiologist at Imperial Hearing’s Bristol centre met with Brian and talked through his hearing problems and worries before giving him a thorough hearing test. Brian said: “Generalised hearing loss has affected most aspects of my life. I used to have trouble hearing what people were saying and suffered from not being able to hear music. I missed every day sounds too including traffic noise (necessary for survival!) and birdsong.” Having discussed all the hearing aid options available to him, Simon advised the Oticon Opn 2 Mini RITE hearing aids and Brian is overwhelmed with the results: “Since I have had my new hearing aids fitted, I feel that for the first time I really am hearing normally again, it’s wonderful! I now have new hearing aids with a small remote control that Simon gave to me to maintain the functionality of the devices, and I also invested in a TV adapter which is proving very useful. I cannot speak highly enough of Simon’s expert advice and service and have been recommending Imperial Hearing to all of my friends and family.” Simon commented: “It’s really great to see that Brian is pleased with the results that he is getting from his new hearing aids. Many people ‘put up with’ inadequate hearing for long periods of time, often years, which is totally unnecessary. As Brian illustrates perfectly, when our patients are matched with the most suitable technology for them, hearing is often restored making life much more comfortable and enjoyable.” To book a FREE hearing check with one of our expert team, get in touch. Call 08000 199575.