Migraines and the link to Hearing Loss

Do you suffer with migraines? Have you had your hearing checked recently?

We recommend that regular hearing tests should be part of everyone’s personal healthcare and that getting your hearing tested regularly should be as routine and common place as eye examinations. However, if you are unfortunate enough to suffer with migraines, then hearing screenings are even more important.

Migraine sufferers are more than aware of the physical and mental signs that indicate a migraine is on its way. From tiredness, mood changes, food cravings, stiff neck and in some cases visual aura or nausea; follows the notorious pounding and painful headache. But did you know that there is a link between migraines and hearing loss and, if left untreated, migraines can permanently alter your hearing?

In a recent study in Egypt that looked at 58 migraine sufferers, two-thirds had one or more abnormalities with their cochlea function and auditory pathways. This is a significant correlation that is potentially a result of reduced blood supply to the auditory system during migraine attacks.

Scientists think that when someone has a migraine, the small hairs in the inner ear are damaged due to lack of circulation. These hairs convert sound vibrations into electric signals that travel to the brain and if they don’t receive an adequate blood supply, they can eventually become damaged and die.


The good news is that by getting your hearing regularly checked audiologists are able to monitor your hearing and treat it accordingly. If you are a migraine sufferer and it is affecting your hearing, it is important to have a hearing screening as soon as possible.

As part of an ongoing treatment plan for migraines, ensure that you schedule a hearing test once a year to monitor your hearing health.

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