Why You Shouldn’t Buy A Private Hearing Aid

If you are already a hearing aid user or are struggling with hearing loss and are considering looking at some form of hearing aid system to help you, this article may save you thousands of pounds!

What’s Wrong with Buying a Hearing Aid Privately?

Hearing loss has always been a very prominent issue, with 1 in 4 over the age of 50 and 1 in 2 over the age of 70 requiring assistance. What has changed in recent years however is that the private hearing aid market has boomed making hearing aids look less, well, like a hearing aid. This in turn is knocking the taboo into touch, which is good, but has created a market of highly priced systems that are often ‘sold’ with poor customer satisfaction, which is a very bad!

The Latest Hearing Aid Technology

The technologies in the latest hearing systems are genuinely quite remarkable. With the ability to amplify only selected frequencies, stop the dreaded feedback whistle that have been synonymous with hearing aids for decades, help reduce background noise in restaurants and pubs and even connect to other technologies such as televisions, computers and mobile phones (and much more!).

There is more to Hearing than just Hearing Aids

So why are there reports of such poor satisfaction with those that have bought private hearing aids? Simply put, the aid technologies, as good as they are, is only a part of the overall hearing picture and how hearing aids work. The biggest part of your hearing system is your brain, as this is the part that translates the messages the ear (helped by the hearing aid) sends to it. The brain loses its ability to process as well as we get older, particularly when we starve it of information (like sounds that a hearing loss deprive it of), so the hearing part of our brains simply forgets how to process sounds as well and slows down. This is the critical part!

Private Hearing Aids vs Complete Hearing Solutions

Don’t buy a private hearing aid, invest in a comprehensive Hearing Solution, provided by professionals that not only understand the hearing aid technologies and how to apply them, but crucially, are trained and experts at hearing rehabilitation. Only when these 2 elements are working together, can your hard-earned money buy you the hearing you rightly deserve. [Rather like reading a letter, if you cannot speak the language, no matter how good the font is, you will not be able to fully understand it, or owning a sports car but not having a driving license to know how to make it drive the way you know it can].

Find the right Hearing Solution for you

Imperial Hearing have over 15 year’s experience and are unique in setting up the Optimised Hearing Pathway; an award-winning patient management process that assesses, identifies, supplies, rehabilitates and supports our patients every step of the way. We are delighted to be one of the largest independent companies in the UK with thousands of extremely satisfied patients throughout the Midlands, South and Southwest. “We have always been passionate about providing excellent value for money for all of our patients”, says Sam Rossiter, Managing Director of Imperial Hearing. “We are still seeing too many patients that have wasted thousands of pounds on high tech hearing aids, purchased elsewhere that have been ‘sold’, poorly fitted and the patient not rehabilitated” he continues, “Our entire process is evidence based with a complete satisfaction guarantee. There is no risk in having an assessment, but the potential benefit a patient can experience, not just in hearing but also in reducing the risks of brain disease and cognitive decline, is enormous”.

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