Good hearing is crucial to both my livelihood and hobbies

Nina Richardson from Kingsbridge has been treated for early onset hearing loss for around 10 years and has been using hearing aids successfully ever since. However she started to notice that it was getting harder for her to hear especially in noisy environments. Nina said, “I have been happy with my hearing aids for many years and they have served me well. My job involves talking to people in a meeting room environment and I also play the fiddle in a Ceilidh band so good hearing is crucial to both my livelihood and hobbies. However, over the last few months I noticed a decline in my hearing so I went to get it checked at Devon HearingCare.” Devon HearingCare’s audiologist Lynn Falzarano met with Nina, assessed her hearing and listened to her concerns. As with all technology, hearing aid development progresses quickly, and so Lynn was able to recommend newer models of hearing aids from global leading manufacturer Oticon. Lynn suggested that Nina should trial the miniRITE hearing aids for a month to see how she got on. “As soon as the new hearing aids were fitted, I noticed a huge improvement. I have no problem hearing conversations at work now and even if I am in an extremely noisy place I can still hear clearly. Unless you have a hearing loss it is difficult to understand the impact that it has, it can end up being quite isolating and lonely,” Nina said. Lynn Falzarano from Devon Hearing Care said “I’m so pleased that we were able to get Nina’s hearing back on track with the new hearing aids. Nina did the right thing and came to see us as soon as she noticed a decline in her hearing. It’s so important to get hearing tested as soon as possible to ensure the most effective treatment and to prevent hearing loss from having a negative impact on day to day life.”