I am on my second set of hearing aids now.

I am on my second set of hearing aids now.

The first ones were (Phonak) (one of the top name brands) and at the time probably the best available. They had a lot of clever features and it was obvious they were picking out sounds from the environment which I would not have heard otherwise.

When the new Oticon Opn1 came out, with above average online reviews, Simon let me trial these for a couple of weeks.

My family and friends quickly noticed how much ‘better connected and involved’ I was with these and I certainly felt much more confident in company. In particular the ‘restaurant experience’ was much better than with my previous aids.

At the end of my trial period I gave my previous aids another chance but within a few days I had asked Simon to order some Opn 1s for me.

These aids are not inexpensive – but worth every penny!

I would just like to mention that I have been very pleased with the care and attention I have had from Clarity Hearing over the past few years.

Peter Gilfedder