Life is so much better now

“We are so grateful for all the trouble you have taken over the past year and to such a marvellous result. We came to you after spending a fortune with various hearing aid suppliers and with no success or belief that there was a solution available to Vanessa’s level of hearing loss. We couldn’t have been more wrong as after a series of hearing assessments you suggested a type of hearing aid that might work for her. It did but the result was not brilliant as it hurt her ears and continually fell out. Not deterred you looked at a series of other options and tried several different suppliers products before finally opting for one that gives excellent hearing results and also is easy to wear and thus is no longer a matter of anxiety. The only downside is that her hearing is so much sharper that the noise of the fridge and things dropped on a stone floor appear excessively loud! However your support on a regular basis even having solved the hearing loss is a great source of comfort. Life is so much better now.” Testimonial relating to the service received by Heather and the team at Clarity Hearing, part of the Imperial Hearing Group.