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We’re Independent, expert Audiologists that have made it our mission to ensure that every patient enjoys the very best sound possible. Experience the industry-leading Optimised Hearing Pathway via our network of Hearing Centres.


How Imperial Hearing help.

As a leading independent hearing care team, we are able to provide a complete hearing care service personalised just for you. Our professional audiologists offer hearing tests and tinnitus consultations, and will guide you through a journey to provide you with the right hearing solutions tailored and programmed uniquely for you.

Our team of Ear Wax Removal Technicians provide expert ear wax removal services via pain-free effective microsuction or irrigation techniques.

We are proud to remain independent, which allows us to bring the most advanced hearing systems to our patients from the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers – we will ensure you get the right hearing system for you, alongside award winning clinical expertise.

Expert, Independent Audiologists. Hearing Tests. Ear Wax Removal. Your Complete Ear Care Partner.

Optimised Hearing Pathway

OHP Ear Graphic 2 audiologists

1. Your Assesment

– Clinical Background
– Medical History
– Emotional Scoring Survey
– Hearing and Social engagement

Videotoscopy Consultation

– Hearing Tests
– Tympanometry
– Speech and Intelligibility

2. Hearing System Options

– Fully independent
– Access to every solution on the market
– Discussion of Appropriate Options
– Best Solution without Compromise

3. Hearing System Fitting

– Initial System Fitting
– System Demonstrations
– Speech Test
– Follow Up Process Explained
– Objective/Subjective Programming

4. Rehabilitation

– Limited Access to Audiologist
– Re-tests/Re-calibrations
– Technical Adjustments
– Comfort Adjustments
– Recommended 6-monthly check-ups

5. Aftercare & Open-ended Support

– Access to the Latest Hearing Aid Technologies
– Continued Hearing Tests
– Expert Independent Advice
– Online Hearing Tests

Discover the Optimised Hearing Pathway.

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