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Hearing Aid Audiologist – Permanent Role 

Location: Cheltenham / Tewkesbury / Chipping Sodbury / Swindon / Taunton / Bristol / Leamington Spa / Coventry / Verwood / Christchurch / Kingsbridge / Poole / Poundbury The successful candidate must be willing to provide cover in other areas such as Cheltenham or...

Ear Wax Removal Technicians Required

Role description We are looking for experienced ear wax removal technicians in Newbury, Poole and the South Bristol areas. The successful candidate(s) must be willing to travel between centres and clinics within their geographical location, to provide the company’s...

The Hearing Show – Winner

Thank you to every who came along to The Hearing Show in Poole on Tuesday 13th November 2018. The event was really well attended, and we welcomed over 125 people throughout the day. Commenting on the day, Mrs Evans from Poole said: "What a great local event. The...

Your Journey to Better Hearing

Every patient’s journey is tailored to them. Yet there is a fundamental pathway that we have created to ensure you enjoy the same initial experience that allows us to get to know you in a professional yet relaxed manner. Booking your no-obligation assessment In any...

Types of Hearing Loss

If you have a hearing loss, then it also affects your family and friends. Maybe the loss has been gradual, perhaps a little more sudden. Either way, it’s worth understanding what kind of hearing loss you’re living with. A hearing test can determine this, but meanwhile...


What is Tinnitus? Everyone knows what hearing loss is – the term is pretty self-explanatory. Tinnitus is somewhat different. While many people may not know what the word means, most have probably heard about its characteristics, and many may have it without knowing...

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Up to 1 hour of absolute attention by one of the country’s leading Audiologists. A completely painless, full hearing assessment will be completed and your results are shown and explained to you in full.

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If you think you are having problems with your hearing, but you’re not sure if you need a hearing aid, you’ve come to the right place! We offer a no obligation hearing test.

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We will assess each ear and explain to you the options for the most effective ear wax removal process, if wax has been identified. 

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