Tinnitus is the general term to describe noises in the ears or head. It ranges from very mild to severe, where the continuous barrage of sounds and sensations is nothing short of debilitating. No one really knows what causes it, but one theory is hearing loss. Although your ear can’t process as much sound as it used to, your brain can. So it ‘fills in’ the void that is created with random electronic impulses that we perceive as sounds; Tinnitus. Hope for your hearing There is good news, however. A hearing aid from Imperial Hearing – along with the correct rehabilitation – can usually dramatically reduce the effects. Sometimes it can even remove the effects completely. With more sounds being processed thanks to the hearing aid, your brain believes everything is back to normal and stops producing the unwanted sounds. If you suffer from Tinnitus, then please get in touch. We’ll book you in for a consultation and together we’ll find a way to lead a better everyday life.

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