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Hearing loss is a complex issue, with a number of different causes and solutions. At Imperial Hearing, we’re committed to guiding you through this complex issue and ensure you enjoy the very best sound possible, combined with an independent experience that is second to none.

What is hearing loss?

“Hearing loss,” means that you have a decreased sensitivity to sounds that are normally heard.  The degree and type of hearing loss can vary but in most cases can be helped.  Not only does hearing loss affect the ability to communicate, but it can also affect an individual’s mood and overall health. Therefore, it is so important if you feel your hearing is not what it used to be, to get it checked out.

Knowing the signs

It’s a daunting prospect, losing your hearing. Sometimes you notice it’s not quite what it used to be or perhaps you notice others asking you to repeat your selves. None the less, hearing loss can be a challenging time for you and your loved ones around you. It’s so important that when you notice symptoms of hearing loss that you seek treatment.
  • Do you turn up the TV louder than your family wants it?
  • Do you find it hard to follow conversation in pubs and restaurants?
  • Do you struggle to hear on the phone?
  • Do you often ask people to repeat what they say?
  • Does your partner complain that you don’t listen to them?
  • Do you find others mumble?

What Should I do if I notice these symptoms?

If you notice any of the above, the first thing to do is get in contact. Whether you need a hearing aid or not we offer free, no-obligation consultations to put your mind at ease and start your journey to hearing in full again. You can book an appointment at any of our clinics across the country via the website, email, phone, or just popping in.

Most of our centres provide

  • Hearing tests
  • Hearing consultations
  • Hearing aid fitting and servicing
  • Tinnitus treatment
  • Aftercare
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