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Hearing Aids

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The perception of a ‘hearing aid’ is often a big, clunky piece of ill-fitting plastic that is visible by all and whistles uncontrollably. Thankfully those days are well and truly gone. Today’s hearing aids are discreet (if not invisible), digital and incredibly effective.

Whether your hearing is a little poor when there’s background noise, group conversations like parties, on the telephone or simply just watching television, state-of-the-art software and Bluetooth technology lets you hear sounds across a whole range of frequencies.

We appreciate that it can be a confusing industry. Often with wild marketing claims, practically suggesting that you will be hearing the grass grow with the latest super-duper technology. What should you believe? How do you gauge what is the right product for you? This is where Imperial Hearing can help.


Learn to hear again

You don’t know how dark it is until you turn the light on!

To hear clearly is much more than choosing the right hearing aid.  Although you may only be beginning to notice the effects of your hearing loss, your hearing has likely been deteriorating for quite some time. Probably years.

As the deterioration will have been gradual, our brains compensate gradually too, we can’t simply reverse that process immediately by fitting a hearing aid alone.  As part of your journey, your Audiologist will help to rehabilitate you to natural hearing again by increasing the levels in your hearing system over time so you never feel overwhelmed and always in complete control.


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A little understanding goes a long way

Your hearing is as individual as you are. So it’s imperative that you are assessed and then recommended the correct solution for you and your needs.

We promise that you’ll never see a sales person at Imperial Hearing; that’s just not how we do things. We work with only qualified, experienced professionals who understand that restoring hearing is more than a hearing aid: it is a journey and we’ll be right there with you from the very beginning.

As a truly Independent company, we ensure all of our Audiologists are rigorously trained by the manufacturers of all our suppliers on their hearing systems. So we know every piece of equipment inside out and, more importantly, what’s right for your hearing and your lifestyle.

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