Hearing Aid Aftercare

So, we’ve found the right solution for you and you are enjoying the full benefits that better hearing offers. Now we feel it’s essential that you have absolute confidence in us to look after you in the weeks and months ahead.

Imperial Hearing offers an aftercare service that is second to none. Limitless access to your audiologist for adjustments, re-tests, problem solving or just some reassurances whenever they are needed, all within the price of your hearing system.

Proactively we recommend that you see us every six months for a check-up. We’ll check your ears, your hearing aids, re-test your hearing (as required) and ensure the settings and calibrations are correct. Again it’s all part of the service.

It is important not to leave hearing loss untreated as the brain unlearns how to recognise sound.

Living life to the full I am on my third set of hearing aids, over a period approaching 15 years, from Imperial Hearing. Each change has been preceded by an informed discussion about the developments in the technology and the potential benefits to be obtained, and followed by immaculate after-sales service.  The personal attention to ensure the physical comfort of the aids, and the technical adjustments to achieve the best hearing results, has been faultless.  Without my hearing aids, I am unable to live a full and social life, and whilst price is always a consideration, I consider it to be one of the most cost-effective benefits to my life-style.
  Hearing with ease

Despite the exhortations of my family I was reluctant to do anything to help my hearing.  I accepted spectacles to help my eyesight as normal, but quite illogically distained hearing aids. A visit to Imperial Hearing soon put me at ease and fitted me out with just the right device to correct my hearing.  They were just as helpful some months after when I accidentally dropped and damaged an earpiece.  It is the After-Sales service that counts!

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Making big decisions about health and finances requires careful consideration therefore, we offer you a cast iron guarantee – 100% satisfaction or your money back.
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