Coventry & Leamington welcome new look Imperial Hearing centres

On Friday 5th October the rebranded Imperial Hearing Centres in Leamington and Coventry will open the doors for the first time. Previously known as Coventry & Leamington Hearing Centres, these newly renovated facilities combine expert hearing care with world leading technology and a friendly, supportive team. The Coventry & Leamington Hearing Centres have been successfully providing first-class hearing care to the towns for many years. Having joined the Imperial Hearing Group in 2016, the newly branded Imperial Hearing centres will not only benefit from investment to improve the facilities but will also take advantage of the marketing and operational support that the Group has already established across its 14 other centres in the South West, Midlands and South Coast. Sam Rossiter, director at The Imperial Hearing Group said: “First and foremost I am a practicing Audiologist with a passion for expert hearing care. I know exactly what is needed to run a hearing centre and as a group we provide the tools and investment required to do so without losing the ‘independent’ charm of the place that customers value. I am delighted that Imperial Hearing will provide a bigger, better and fresher hearing centre offering to the towns.” The local communities will continue to experience the friendly, professional hearing advice service they were used to receiving from Coventry & Leamington Hearing Centres and can take advantage of a variety of treatments on offer including ear wax removal, hearing assessments and the latest hearing-aid technology from Imperial Hearing. For advice and support or to book a hassle-free hearing screening, simply contact the centres.