Imperial Health Services

Imperial Health Services offer an all-encompassing solution for your health and safety needs, meaning you will only need one company for your assessment, protection and surveillance.

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We provide services to ensure you can live life with the best hearing possible. However, both your hearing and overall health can be affected by many lifestyle factors, with occupational activities being one of them.

Imperial Health Services

Our sister company Imperial Health Services, work in partnership with businesses to ensure they are compliant with all legal health and safety regulations, whilst providing an all-encompassing solution to your staff’s occupational health needs.

Imperial Health Services offer a range of assessments and medicals across many areas of commercial safety, including risk assessments, occupational health, employee training, and personalised protection equipment (PPE).

What are the benefits of using Imperial Health Services?

All of your health and safety assessments can be carried out by the same company, which means only one point of contact. Imperial Health Services can manage all aspects of occupational health from the organisation of schedules, appointment reminders to legally defensible screenings.

Imperial Health Services offer several types of industrial screening, which can be done both on and off site. This ease of access means minimal disruption to your workforce, yet maximum flexibility when it comes to fitting the assessments around you.

Some of the screenings include:

Safety Critical Medicals

These in-depth medicals are designed to ensure that anyone who is undertaking safety-critical tasks are fit to do so. These include standard tests such as confidential questionnaires, medical assessments, vision screening, and urinalysis.  The medicals cater for a range of professions such as working at heights, working in confined spaces and night workers.

Health Surveillance

These surveillances obtain information about employees’ health, which helps to protect them from health risks at work. The objective of this is to help with early detection of ill health, provide data to help employers identify potential health risks and evaluate the impact of health effects and the use of protective equipment.

Hearing Protection

With our hearing imperative to several aspects of our lives, Imperial Health Services also offers a range of custom fit earplugs to ensure you have the correct levels of ear protection for both occupational and leisure activities.

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