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We have had many great reviews and testimonials and many word of mouth referrals from happy customers over the years. Read some of the glowing reports for Imperial Hearing.

"We are so grateful for all the trouble you have taken over the past year and to such a marvellous result. We came to you after spending a fortune with various hearing aid suppliers and with no success or belief that there was a solution available to Vanessa’s level of hearing loss.

We couldn’t have been more wrong as after a series of hearing assessments you suggested a type of hearing aid that might work for her. It did but the result was not brilliant as it hurt her ears and continually fell out. Not deterred you looked at a series of other options and tried several different suppliers products before finally opting for one that gives excellent hearing results and also is easy to wear and thus is no longer a matter of anxiety.

The only downside is that her hearing is so much sharper that the noise of the fridge and things dropped on a stone floor appear excessively loud! However your support on a regular basis even having solved the hearing loss is a great source of comfort.

Life is so much better now."

Testimonial relating to the service received by Heather and the team at Clarity Hearing, part of the Imperial Hearing Group.
Humphrey Miller
"This is just a quick note to say how much I appreciate your care and attention to finding the best possible hearing aids for my needs.

I was most impressed by your readiness to offer demonstration units from different manufacturers, and to allow me a realistic time to assess each of them. The end result, apart from confidence that I have found the best solution for me, is a dramatic improvement in my general hearing, and I have been amazed at how this has helped me to improve my interaction with other people. I now realise that the slow deterioration in my hearing performance had been severely impeding my ability to communicate, and your assistance in rectifying this is very much appreciated,

Many, many thanks!"

Testimonial relating to the service received by Heather and the team at Clarity Hearing, part of the Imperial Hearing Group.
Steve Hunt, Clarity Hearing Customer
My daughter and myself were recently tested for and fitted with hearing aids by your colleague, Mr Simon Wendland. I would like to express our sincere thanks for his courteous, friendly and very professional approach to our problems. The end results far exceeded our expectations. Also a word of praise for your friendly, efficient reception staff should not go amiss.

Many thanks to you all.
Yours sincerely, F H
I would like to say thank you for your kind and understanding help with you have all shown to me at my appointments during the time I have been having my hearing aids fitted. I am most grateful that you listened to my fears and concerns and having each stage explained so clearly put me completely at ease. I now realise how much hearing I had lost and with the reception being gradually increased the whole experience was made easy and with no discomfort what so ever. Now after five weeks I place them in position in the morning and forget about them until I remove them at bedtime.

Thank you all again and I truly recommend Imperial Hearing to anyone who needs help with their hearing.
Kind Regards, AP
I am writing to thank you for your kindness and help with my new hearing aids. You are both a credit to your profession and it is refreshing to receive such sincere attention and help from colleagues. In the forty years I worked in the caring profession, I have rarely been the recipient of such care and attention. Would you please convey my thanks to your colleague from GN Resound.
Dr B
Firstly, the most recent adjustments to my Oticon aids have been very helpful and the balance between the two is now much improved. Whether the effects are the best that could be achieved, one will never know, but I’m happy to leave them for the time being.

I am pleased to write to tell you that I am now on my third set of hearing aids, over a period approaching 15 years, from Imperial Hearing. Each change has been preceded by an informed discussion about the developments in the technology and the potential benefits to be obtained and followed by an immaculate after-sales service. The personal attention to ensure the physical comfort of the aids and the technical adjustments to achieve the best hearing results, has been faultless. Without my hearing aids, I am unable to live a full and social life and whilst price is always a consideration, I consider it to be one of the most cost-effective benefits to my life-style.

I was originally recommended to you by a relative for whom the fitting of hearing aids was a new start to life. As his daughter said at the time – “Welcome back, Daddy!” There could not be a better recommendation for your services.
Best wishes to you all, RC
I am trying to write a few lines to thank you all for the wonderful treatment I have had concerning my hearing aid. I have had so much kindness from all the staff. I just phone the office and I ask if someone can visit and at once I am booked for an appointment on a day convenient to both of us and again I have kindness and nothing is too much trouble. I just want to thank you all very much.
I am yours truly, MB
I wanted to take this opportunity of saying that I am very pleased with the new ReSound aid; the variety of settings via the App are proving very useful and still being explored. I am able to listen also to music via the I-phone which is something that I never managed before.

If you ever need guinea pig volunteers for new products that fall within my range I would always be happy to be considered for this.

Best Wishes, and thanks again for your recommendation.
Peter H. Bournemouth.
Nina Richardson from Kingsbridge has been treated for early onset hearing loss for around 10 years and has been using hearing aids successfully ever since. However she started to notice that it was getting harder for her to hear especially in noisy environments.

Nina said, “I have been happy with my hearing aids for many years and they have served me well. My job involves talking to people in a meeting room environment and I also play the fiddle in a Ceilidh band so good hearing is crucial to both my livelihood and hobbies. However, over the last few months I noticed a decline in my hearing so I went to get it checked at Devon HearingCare.”

Devon HearingCare’s audiologist Lynn Falzarano met with Nina, assessed her hearing and listened to her concerns. As with all technology, hearing aid development progresses quickly, and so Lynn was able to recommend newer models of hearing aids from global leading manufacturer Oticon. Lynn suggested that Nina should trial the miniRITE hearing aids for a month to see how she got on.

“As soon as the new hearing aids were fitted, I noticed a huge improvement. I have no problem hearing conversations at work now and even if I am in an extremely noisy place I can still hear clearly. Unless you have a hearing loss it is difficult to understand the impact that it has, it can end up being quite isolating and lonely,” Nina said.

Lynn Falzarano from Devon Hearing Care said “I’m so pleased that we were able to get Nina’s hearing back on track with the new hearing aids. Nina did the right thing and came to see us as soon as she noticed a decline in her hearing. It’s so important to get hearing tested as soon as possible to ensure the most effective treatment and to prevent hearing loss from having a negative impact on day to day life.”
Nina Richardson
I am on my second set of hearing aids now.

The first ones were (Phonak) (one of the top name brands) and at the time probably the best available. They had a lot of clever features and it was obvious they were picking out sounds from the environment which I would not have heard otherwise.

When the new Oticon Opn1 came out, with above average online reviews, Simon let me trial these for a couple of weeks.

My family and friends quickly noticed how much ‘better connected and involved’ I was with these and I certainly felt much more confident in company. In particular the ‘restaurant experience’ was much better than with my previous aids.

At the end of my trial period I gave my previous aids another chance but within a few days I had asked Simon to order some Opn 1s for me.

These aids are not inexpensive - but worth every penny!

I would just like to mention that I have been very pleased with the care and attention I have had from Clarity Hearing over the past few years.
Peter Gilfedder
My new hearing aids allow me to hear normally for the first time in many years, conversation is now a pleasure, even on the telephone. It is reassuring to have the remote control to increase the volume when necessary. It is all so easy to use.

I can not thank you enough for giving me the chance of leading a better life again.
With many thanks, J B
I thought I would let you know that I am delighted with the Oticon hearing aid. I find I am using it mostly on number 4. Several people have remarked how well I am hearing, which is a great boost!

Very many thanks for all your care and attention.
Yours sincerely, NP
I wish to place on record my appreciation of the attention I have received from you with regard to the faults I have had to my hearing aids. My visits to you have been treated with respect and in a very efficient and friendly manner which makes me feel that my problems, though minor ones, have been taken seriously.

I would also mention that my late mother-in-law was looked after very well for many years by Mr Rees and his father which is surely a good reference for your establishment.
Yours sincerely, JN
I would like to express my appreciation to you personally and all the staff at Imperial Hearing. I have had my Oticon hearing aids for 10 years and for all this period I have had excellent service in all respects. The relationship I have with all members of staff is most amicable and everyone from the office to the consultant, has been most helpful.
Yours sincerely, SS
Just a note to say thank you for the setting up of the hearing aids. They are a great success and spot on. I was somewhat resigned to a world of confused ‘babble’ – now all is clear!

I am giving Rosemary a replacement for our Golden Anniversary in July, so you will be seeing more of us.
With thanks, GJ
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