Imperial Hearing Case Study

Valerie from Bristol has been successfully managing her hearing loss for a number of years, so was devastated when she was on a recent holiday and suffered profound hearing loss. She visited our Westbury centre when she got back to see what could be done. Without the audiologist’s quick thinking, she may have lost her hearing entirely: Valerie was first aware that she was suffering from hearing loss in her late fifties. Following an appointment with an ENT specialist, it was found that she was completely deaf in her left ear with no hearing to boost. It was recommended she see an audiologist at Imperial Hearing who supplied her with a very good hearing aid for her right ear. After having the hearing aid fitted, Valerie regularly attended the clinic to have her hearing checked and decided to order an identical Widex hearing aid so that she always had a spare should it be required. It was following a recent break that Valerie’s hearing problems took an unexpected decline:
“Recently on holiday my hearing took a dive and I was unable to hear with either aid. I was devastated. Simon fitted me in an appointment within four hours of arrival home, did an audiology test and recommended I saw an ENT specialist without delay. He fitted me with a temporary aid for which I was very grateful, but I realised I had lost confidence. Normally I am socially very outgoing, however, I was given a quick appointment with a specialist who diagnosed middle ear effusion and was given steroids and nose drops. After ten days I saw Simon again and was able to return to my original aid. Simon at Imperial Hearing was very efficient and patient, without his suggestion that I see an ENT specialist urgently, I might not have regained my hearing.”
Simon Wendland, Audiologist and Director at Imperial Hearing said,
“I’m more than aware that losing hearing completely can be very frightening and have huge social implications if it is not treated quickly. I was determined to see Valerie quickly and I’m delighted that the speedy response prevented any further damage happening to Valerie’s hearing. It is so important for people to seek help as soon as possible if they notice that their hearing has deteriorated so that we can the treat it more efficiently and avoid any further problems.”