The decline of the UK high street and the impact on hearing care

You will not be surprised to hear that the UK high street is experiencing an extremely challenging time as a recent report has identified a 58 per cent decline in sales volumes in comparison to last year and a huge rise in the number of shops and premises left empty across towns and cities. This is no different to high street healthcare providers who have also been affected by this crisis, with one of the country’s largest and most recognisable high street chemists recently announcing a potential closure of 200 of its stores. At Imperial Hearing, we are passionate about ensuring all our patients enjoy the very best sound possible. We have fifteen independent dedicated centres around the country, each providing first class hearing care. In addition we have a number of weekly outreach clinics in many smaller towns in the South. Whilst larger chains are required to make cuts during tough times, smaller independent centres remain strong and agile to change. Sam Rossiter, director at Imperial Hearing said, “We are already aware that on average it takes patients seven to ten years from when they first notice a problem with their hearing to getting it tested; and that a projected 15.6 million people will be affected by hearing loss by 2035. If anything, hearing provision needs to increase not decrease to ensure a healthy and happy population.” With a determined focus on providing every patient with an experience that is second to none, Imperial Hearing provides bespoke care, professional guidance and the most up to date technology for all of its patients throughout their treatment plan. “We will continue to provide an independent service on the high street and patients can be confident that we will be there for them throughout their hearing journey,” Sam concluded.