Immaculate Aftersales

Firstly, the most recent adjustments to my Oticon aids have been very helpful and the balance between the two is now much improved. Whether the effects are the best that could be achieved, one will never know, but I’m happy to leave them for the time being. I am pleased to write to tell you that I am now on my third set of hearing aids, over a period approaching 15 years, from Imperial Hearing. Each change has been preceded by an informed discussion about the developments in the technology and the potential benefits to be obtained and followed by an immaculate after-sales service. The personal attention to ensure the physical comfort of the aids and the technical adjustments to achieve the best hearing results, has been faultless. Without my hearing aids, I am unable to live a full and social life and whilst price is always a consideration, I consider it to be one of the most cost-effective benefits to my life-style. I was originally recommended to you by a relative for whom the fitting of hearing aids was a new start to life. As his daughter said at the time – “Welcome back, Daddy!” There could not be a better recommendation for your services.